Pension Administrators

Advice math for personalized (DC Defined Contribution) arrangements

QuaRatio specializes in creating and designing computing cores; accounting programs that apply complex mathematics. We are regularly consulted to answer questions in this area. Either knowledge of IT or knowledge of actuarial matters is often available or easily acquired, but the offering the combination of these two makes us unique. Similarly, for a company wanting to provide the end-customers with a prognosis of the pension and also wants to allow this customer to vary between possibilities. Special mathematical formulas are needed here. We can translate each variable into mathematical formulas and principles.

Machine Learning

First of all: What is Machine Learning? This is a technique to teach computers to make predictions based on data. The technique compares countless possible relationships and learns which ones are more frequent and thus more likely. Or, conversely, which findings are completely out of routine (algorithms) and thus very likely contain an error. We have programmed a system that trains and teaches itself.

QuaRatio applies Machine Learning at a large (multi national) financial institutions. On basis of the companies own data we let the Machine find new relations and patterns between customers, moments of contact, expenditure, et cetera. Computers find patterns that people tend to overlook, as we think linear. You will be amazed what is possible with Machine Learning!

Implementation of computing cores

We have a lot of experience and knowledge of the various computing cores. QuaRatio can support and advise on the choice and implementation of a new computing core. Whether it's Prophet, Moses, ProductXpress or VP / MS. The computing core is your company's engine and a proper choice is essential, as well as putting it to it’s proper use.

System migration

The migration from old to new systems is often a delicate process that needs to be done carefully. Rights and obligations of participants or insured persons, including history, must be transferred actuarial sound to the new system. We have experience with carefully loading, cleaning, arranging, debiting and passing on data to the new system.