Other (financial) institutions

We are a young company with highly experienced and skilled people. We have a mix of experienced people with 20+ years of experience, medior people with 5+ years of experience and more junior people. This setup enables the QuaRatio team to provide advice at the experienced, senior level as well as to scale up at more junior level to contain costs and prices for our clients.

All financial companies, departments and services!

We are specialized in financial institutions and financial services: our projects have been performed in various sub segments of the Financial Services industry: Pension Funds, Pension administrations, Insurance Companies and Banks.

Nevertheless, applied math and IT is everywhere and we like a challenge! 

Our skills and knowledge

  • Our skills and knowledge include several IT modeling (e.g. UML or ERD), IT tools (e.g. SPARX or Team Foundation Server) and mathematical tools (e.g. ProductXpress, Octave, Python), Machine Learning tools (e.g. Python, Octave, Azure, et cetera) and programming languages (PHP, Python, XML)
  • Detailed understanding of applied math- and data manipulation
  • Decades of experience in leader-, project management and entrepreneurial skills
  • A great network of professionals in our field
  • All sorts of pension- and insuranceschemes

Mathematical cores

We have contributed to numerous financial companies to the development, improving and replacement of their math core engines for administration-, offering- and actuarial systems.

Data, data, data...

We are fully confident with handling, cleaning, manipulating and adding our intelligence to this data. We have developed our own platform tool for prototyping and calculations. We make your data and your calculations work for you. 

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

We have managed and executed several machine learning projects. We have been involved in in-depth analysis, reporting of big data and definition and implementation of business solutions, predominantly for financial institutions.