We are QuaRatio, expert in mathematics and IT. We offer practical math solutions. We are highly skilled in the niche mathematical equations, data analysis and automatisation.

Our core business: the core of your business!

We believe that computing cores are the heart of your business and in particular of financial institutions. A good, flexible computing core is more than nice to have, it essential to succeed! It is a necessity!

Without a modern, fast-working and easy-to-adapt computing core, it is impossible to keep ahead of market trends. A computing core set up in accordance with the QuaRatio methodology gives you the key to continuously promoting and improving successful, innovative (insurance- and retirement) products.


Everywhere around us mathematics is being used, by any device, by any computer. We are specialized in the mathematics of the financial world. We combine knowledge of the financial world, actuarial science and IT in our consultancy. We (re)use, where possible, existing systems and infrastructure. However, we implement these components according to our unique vision and method: The QuaRatio method!